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During these challenging times, we realize patient care is your first and foremost priority. We are doing our best to be of service to your efforts. Our monitoring laboratory and remote monitoring equipment is now available to you and your patients, both without the need for patients traveling to your office.

Working together for solutions is our main objective during these challenging times. Our new mission is to help your homebound patients get the diagnostic care they require.

The CDC offers helpful advice on how to keep the vulnerable safe.

Watch a Public Service Announcement from the CDC about the COVID Pandemic.

For helpful information about how COVID affects heart patients.

Listen to a podcast about safe use of Ibuprofen and Renin-Angiotensin inhibitors.

Visit the COVID information hub provided by the ACC.

Visit LinkedIn to read a helpful post by Marino Scherillo.


Coronavirus is especially threatening for people with heart disease.

As the novel coronavirus spreads around the world, it primarily sickens people by affecting their lungs. But it is now becoming clear that the finishing blow for people who don’t survive might be to the heart. For the more than 120 million American adults living with heart disease, including many of my patients, these are understandably distressing times.

*Excerpt from Article on the Washington Post

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Letter from Your Doctor

October 13, 2020

It is a war zone out there. If you think I am talking about Covid-19 or politics, I am not. I am speaking of the practice of medicine. It is […]

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Dr. Reed Wilson on the Coronavirus

September 29, 2020

Dear valued patients and colleagues, A giant shout-out to Will Witt and Prager U for allowing me an opportunity to record a video for PragerU about the coronavirus. As of […]

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Rapid Response

September 28, 2020

Of note, ibuprofen has been noted to augment some effects of bradykinin in vivo [7]. We
suggest that this effect may be a further and additional mechanism of ibuprofen’s
potentially adverse effect in COVID-19 infection and is to be investigated.

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