ACSD began as an independent Holter recorder manufacture in 1981. For more than three decades, ACSD has introduced new monitors with increasing quality, reducing size and adapting the technology to suit the Cardiology community. ACSD has recently introduced the Holter Performer Plus monitor, adding to the long list of reliable Holter Monitors.

The Holter Performer Plus (HPP) Monitor from ACSD offers several technological benefits to the end user. This new multi-function cardiac monitor offers three forms of recording , including traditional Holter, Event Monitoring and long term continuous ECG monitoring (1-7 days). Due to the flexibility in function, the Holter Performer Plus is more versatile with diverse revenue streams. The new ACSD Holter Performer Plus monitor is competitively priced, especially since it is three recorders built into one small package!

Features of the ACSD Performer Plus Holter/Event Monitor


Superior patient compliance due to small compact size


2.9 Ounces in Weight (Including Battery)


2-3 Channel Recording (3 or 5 Leads)


Long Term Continuous Holter Recording Capability (Up to 7 days - 168 hours)


Pacemaker Sampling at 1080 Samples per Second


Up to 30 days of Cardiac Event Monitoring Recording on one Battery Charge