Dear Clinicians,

During these challenging times, we realize patient care is your first and foremost priority. We are doing our best to be of service to your efforts. Our monitoring laboratory and remote monitoring equipment is now available to you and your patients, both without the need for patients traveling to your office.

Over the last several months, we have learned that patients with underlying cardiovascular diseases are among those most at risk if they contract Covid-19, with significantly higher fatality rates. In an effort to provide necessary cardiac information on your patients, ACS Diagnostics has pioneered an “At Home Patient Enrollment” program made available for healthcare providers and their patients. Our goal is to ensure your cardiac patients get access to your care during these quarantined times.

Working together, we are able to bridge any constraints between physician/patient and help deliver 24/7 ECG monitoring. Our CORE device can provide a 12 lead interpretative ECG, and directly streamline into long term MCT monitoring using the same device. We then monitor every beat every day for every monitored patient, up to 30 days. And stat information is provided 24 hours a day.

How does at Home Patient Enrollment work?

After a short on-line enrollment, we ship a CORE monitor directly to your patient. Patients will receive an instructional follow-up call from our staff, and start up instructions. This program eliminates the need for a clinic visit and/or a device return at the end of the testing period. At Home Patient Enrollment program eliminates staff exposure to non-sanitized monitors.

Working together for solutions is our main objective during these challenging times. Our new mission is to help your homebound patients get the diagnostic care they require.

Thank you for putting yourselves on the frontlines.

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