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After more than 6 years of research & development, ACS Diagnostics is proud of the market acceptance of the CORE¹² (cardiac outpatient real-time ECG) monitor. The CORE¹² represents the most advanced & versatile ECG monitoring device ever. The CORE¹² will prove to be invaluable to healthcare providers as it has the flexibility to perform virtually every form of electrocardiographic monitoring that exists.

Holter Performer Model 2010


The ACS Diagnostics 2010 Holter Monitor is the next generation Holter-only monitor. The device has some simple upgrades , such as a smaller design, only one battery with longer recording capabilities.

Performer Plus Holter Monitor


ACS Diagnostics began as an independent Holter recorder manufacture in 1981.  For more than 3 decades, ACS Diagnostics has introduced new monitors with increasing quality, reducing size and adapting the technology to suit the Cardiology community.  ACS Diagnostics added the Performer Plus Holter Monitor, adding to the long list of reliable Holter Monitors.



Our newest holter monitor will revolutionize wearable holter technology with the CORE Clip. Clip on this small device to any part of clothing and remove the hassle of carrying multiple gateway and monitoring devices. The CORE Clip captures accurate data quickly and can be worn with comfort allowing you to continue to enjoy your lifestyle. The CORE Clip is awaiting pre-market approval.



Master 10


The new version of ACS Diagnostics Master 10 analysis software is created with the Holter Technician in mind. Most Holter software requires that you follow a proprietary format which often requires a significant level of training just to generate a report.

The newest Master 10 analysis software is designed in a “number” sequencing format,  to make the learning curve as easy as possible. The Master 10 has a very diverse user-interface capability. This software is quite forgiving, allowing one to make adjustments to either increase or decrease the amount of automation desired. This accommodates technicians from a wide range of skill, enabling virtually anyone in the facility to generate a final Holter report.

The new Master 10 Holter Analysis software can reduce your scan time by as much as 40%, when compared to other standard templating Holter software programs. There has been many improvements in this newest software release. You can now expect superior arrhythmia recognition capabilities including automation.