Holter Scanning Service

Applied Cardiac Systems, Inc. now proudly offers Holter monitoring solutions for facilities with overflow scanning, staffing concerns, time sensitivity, or those simply looking to outsource their current Holter monitoring program. ACS Diagnostics, the corporate Holter scanning division of Applied Cardiac Systems, generates comprehensive Holter reports within a 24-hour or less time frame.* You can clock us!

We are confident that you will trust our certified cardiac scanners to deliver the thorough diagnostic reports you’d expect from ACS. ACS Diagnostics works hard to ensure that the report provides all the data you need for a clear diagnosis. And, just to be sure, ACSD immediately provides 24-hour Full Disclosure for each patient report. That way, the complete Holter data is always available for your review.

Our seamless data transfer makes uploading and downloading Holter reports a snap. And, just as easily you can access the complete final report anytime from anywhere. Our Instrument Management SystemTM(IMS) allows secure internet log-in to view or download reports from virtually any location. Contact ACSD for a copy of our complete Policies and Procedures.

For further information about the Holter Scanning Service and how to obtain recorders at no start-up cost, please contact an ACSD representative or email at ascd@appliedcardiacsystems.com


Holter Scanning Service
Monday through Friday during normal hours of operation

Event/MCT Monitoring Service
24-hours per day; 365 days per year