ACSD Holter Analysis Software

The new version of ACSD Holter Reporter Master Series analysis software is created with the Holter Technician in mind. Most Holter software requires that you follow a proprietary format which often requires a significant level of training just to generate a report.

The newest Holter Reporter Master Series analysis software is designed in a “number” sequencing format,  to make the learning curve as easy as possible. The Holter Reporter Master Series has a very diverse user-interface capability. This software is quite forgiving , allowing one to make adjustments to either increase or decrease the amount of automation desired. This accommodates technicians from a wide range of skill, enabling virtually anyone in the facility to generate a final Holter report.

The new Holter Reporter Master Series software can reduce your scan time by as much as 40%, when compared to other standard templating Holter software programs. There has been many improvements in this newest software release. You can now expect superior arrhythmia recognition capabilities including automation.