Step 1: On the CORE Monitor, power on and select “MCT” or “Holter”.

Step 2: On the next screen, select “Enroll”.

Step 3: On the subsequent screens, enter the Patient ID* and Birth Date. *Note the exact ID, Birth Date and CORE Serial Number used for filling out the patient prescription form.

Step 4: Confirm the that the displayed patient information is correct, <or> go back and edit as necessary.

Step 5: Proceed to Hookup to review ECG signal and adjust electrode hookups as necessary, then start recording.

Patient can leave the clinic.

Step 6: From any internet location, enter and Login with your ACSD credentials. Complete the patient enrollment / prescription form. 

PLEASE NOTE: Verify that the “In-Box” Enrollment is checked and *Enter the exact Patient ID as entered into the CORE.

Step 7: Call/Inform ACSD of patient enrollment at 855-423-2191

Step 8: Review the Daily Reports for patient ECG and symptom correlation.

* Note: “In-Box’ enrollment is best used in poor cell reception areas.