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IT & Remote Support

Troubleshoot with a friendly voice, visit with your local service representative, or connect remotely via the internet – ACSD Technical Support has solutions.


Holter & Event

Clinical Support

Holter Monitoring has long been the pride of the ACSD Education Department.  Holter training is available online by the ACSD Education Department.  The Online Training Program (OTP) is designed to provide an in-depth analysis on how to use the Master Series instrumentation.  ACSD utilizes third party web-conferencing to allow for interactive online training; no additional software is necessary.  The best part, it’s as if we are sitting right next to you.


External Counterpulsation

ACSD has created a complete and comprehensive External Counterpulsation (ECP) therapy training program. This inclusive program not only teaches technicians the history and clinical benefits of ECP therapy, it trains technicians how to optimize the therapy delivered. We dedicate multiple days on-site to train your staff. This ensures that technicians are confident and properly administer patient care.


Instructional How-To's

Our video resource library is continually updated with detailed step-by-step instructional videos. Product unboxing and tutorials, software walkthroughs, and general FAQ type videos will provide ongoing training that can be accessed anytime at your convenience.



ACSD has created a complete and comprehensive External Counterpulsation (ECP) therapy training program.

Fulfillment Program

The Education department also offers supplemental ECP training.  The ECP Training Fulfillment program has been designed to provide ongoing training and follow-up for interested users.

ECP Videos

These short videos are designed to assist users with proper operation of ACSD ECP equipment.



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MCT Monitoring/Diagnostics

See answers regarding the our MCT Monitoring and our Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF).

Ambulatory Monitors

Find out more about the Patient Diary, activities during a test, and what buttons do on our devices.