Side Clip

Our newest holter monitor will revolutionize wearable holter technology with the CORE Clip. Clip on this small device to any part of clothing and remove the hassle of carrying multiple gateway and monitoring devices. The CORE Clip captures accurate data quickly and can be worn with comfort allowing you to continue to enjoy your lifestyle.

The days of patch irritation are over!

The World's Smallest, Reusable Holter Device on the Market

About the Clip

The CLIP by ACSD is the smallest re-usable
Holter monitoring device of its kind.

The single button design is quick and easy
to use for device start up and patient event
notice. The CLIP is both intuitive and simple
to operate for all body types.

The CLIP is designed to maximize patient
comfort, while providing 2 channel,
high-quality ECG waveform. Use the CLIP to
record true pacer artifact, diagnose pacer
function or malfunction, and verify
pathological ST-Segment changes.

The CLIP stores a full day of patient ECG
data and has a built-in rechargeable design
that can be quickly recharged for fast
turn-around. The removable flash memory
card can be easily removed for fast and
easy download.


Cost Effective Medicine; It's the Right Thing to Do


Master 10 Software (Required)

40.89 mm by 17.78 mm

4 Sec Calibration Pulse

Patient Activated Event Button

1 mV 60 Min Internal Calibration

Event Encoding 2 Sec, 60 Cycle

Clip vs Patch Comparison



2 Channel ECG
Traditional Lead Placements
Safe & Reusable
Reduced Skin Irritation
Reports You Can Trust
Fast Complete Reporting
Full-Disclosure Option
Quality Patient Care
Quick Recharge for Fast Reuse
Increased Revenue

Single Channel
Single Site Application
One Time Use
Regular Skin Irritation
Limited Lab Reporting
Reporting Delays
Limited Full Disclosure
High Patient Cost
High Clinical Cost/Low Clinical Revenue