The Clinical Education department is proud to offer a wide variety of educational support programs.  Our department focuses on providing resources for those looking to enhance their clinical or product knowledge. It is our job is to provide a better understanding of the features and benefits of ACSD instrumentation.  Our professional staff has cardiac credentials and is committed to helping customers with educational support. Without a doubt, the Clinical Education department has heart!

Remote Assistance

ACSD Education members can train users remotely via the internet.  Instruction is provided utilizing the ACSD Online Training Program (OTP). With permission from the user, the Education Department can remotely access your product (ECP or Holter) using a high speed internet connection.

Training is both informative and interactive. It’s as if an Education Specialist is sitting next to you.  This can help provide users with clear clinical answers and additional training on product features.

Supplemental Educational Materials

The Education department strives to provide customers with an assortment of educational resources.  Users can rest assured that when your ACSD representative has left your facility, ample resources have been left behind.

For further information about training, the Online Training Program (OTP), or supplemental material contact the ACSD Education Department.  Feel free to email the Education Department at [email protected]