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ACS Diagnostics is a medical device company; an industry leader in outpatient heart monitoring and a pioneer in innovative Telemedicine. See Products
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    ACS Diagnostics is an industry leader in outpatient heart monitoring and a pioneer in innovative Telemedicine.​

    The Only 4-in-1 Telemedicine Device for ECG… The “CORE” is Cardiology!

    The CORE12 Monitor

    Cardiac Outpatient Realtime Monitoring

    The CORE12 represents the most advanced and versatile ECG monitoring device on the market. This device has the flexibility to preform virtually every form of electrocardiographic monitoring that exists. The CORE12 also comes with integrated cellular capabilities, eliminating the need for a gateway device.

    • 12 Lead Interpretive EKG

    • 24 Hour Holter Test

    • 14 Day Long Term Continuous ECG Test (record every beat)

    • 30 Day Cardiac Event Test

    • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Test (MCT)

    REMOTE/AT HOME MONITORING NOW AVAILABLE. Inquire for more information.

    The CORE Clip Holter Monitor

    The smallest, reusable holter monitor on the market

    Our newest Holter Monitor will revolutionize wearable Holter technology. The CORE Clip will clip to any part of clothing and remove the hassle of carrying multiple gateway and monitoring devices. The CORE Clip captures accurate data quickly and can be worn with comfort allowing you to continue to enjoy your lifestyle.

    Don’t throw away money on the patch! Get the smallest, reusable holter monitor today. 

    • Master 10 Software (Required)
    • 40.89 mm by 17.78 mm
    • 4 Sec Calibration Pulse
    • Patient Activated Event Button
    • 1 mV 60 Min Internal Calibration
    • Event Encoding 2 Sec, 60 Cycle
    • Long Term Holter

    The smallest, reusable Holter Monitor on the market

    Our Laboratory

    Real time monitoring of every beat, every minute, of every day.

    • Cardiac Outpatient Real-time ECG
    • Customer Care
    • Research

    ACSD’s Cardiac Outpatient Real-time ECG (“CORE”) device provides patients with an “all-in-one” device that does all four modalities in one single device. The CORE12 device has a built-in cellular chip that eliminates the need for gateway devices (cell phone). Two (2) channels of ECG continuously transmit real-time ECG data to our certified IDTF laboratory where all our patients are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are the only out-patient monitoring lab that monitors every beat of every patient, every minute of every day. The CORE12 device is truly one of a kind and our diagnostic laboratory maintains the connection of doctors to their patients.

    ACSD cares for the ever changing needs of our customers including, remote monitoring by our 24/7 certified cardiac technicians, from hospital to solo practitioners ACSD is the solution for all your cardiac monitoring needs. Whether using our monitoring services or your own “in-house” system, ACSD provides the hardware and the software to both your practice and directly to your patients.

    The CORE12, in addition to outpatient telemetry, can perform a 12-Lead interpretive EKG, a Holter (1-30 Days), an Event (1-30 Days) and real-time Telemetry Monitoring. The CORE12 is ideal for research studies. Our CORE12 EKG mode is the only outpatient 12 lead EKG that has integrated cell phone technology. Today, patients suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19 can be remotely monitored via CORE12 device, minimizing staff/ patient exposure, while accurately documenting baseline QTCF measurements for analysis during drug therapy research.

    An Industry Leader

    ACS Diagnostics is an industry leader in outpatient heart monitoring and a pioneer in innovative Telemedicine.

    Longevity & Trust

    ACS Diagnostics has many years of longevity serving cardiologists, internists, and general practitioners. Because of this, we have become a trusted name in ambulatory cardiac monitoring around the world.

    Quality Products

    As a medical equipment manufacturer, we are proud to produce “Quality Products for Those Who Care.”

    ACS Diagnostics, Inc

    ACS Diagnostics manufactures, services and distributes our products. We are a company committed to building our relationships and offering you a continuity of care that is unmatched in today’s healthcare environment. We do not offer toys,  “doc-in-the-box” technology or gimmicks, but real products delivering real results. Our management has been in the industry for over 40 years, and understands the needs of the cardiology market.

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