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About the ACS Diagnostics' Laboratory

About our Laboratory

Our LAB technicians are certified professionals, monitoring every beat that is transmitted in near-real-time. We provide several layers of protection in order for every beat to be monitored. When the patient leaves the doctor’s office or is remotely enrolled through our At-Home program, our CORE 12 device transmits near-real-time ECG data to our lab, sending a signal directly from the CORE 12 device. There is no need for a gateway device with the CORE 12, enabling the patient to continue their life without hassle. The near-real-time ECG is transmitted to our cloud technology and is viewed through our servers. Our lab technicians monitor the ECG that comes through, seeing every beat of every minute of every day. At ACS Diagnostics, we believe in enabling the physician to provide thorough patient care. We offer reports on requested arrhythmia, allowing the physician to review the ECG.


ACS Diagnostics sets itself apart in the way that we provide care to both the patient and physician. We ensure that once enrolled, the patient is monitored in near-real-time, ensuring nothing is missed. In addition, we help the physician provide quality care, enabling them to set themselves apart to their patients. Physicians who use ACS Diagnostics have stayed with us not only because we deliver the best cardiac devices in the market, but because we offer the same quality of care to our physicians as we do for our patients. Our ACS Diagnostics representatives are always there to help with any issues that may arise. We are a mere phone call away, assisting with any and all needs. We set ourselves apart even more by the fact that we manufacture our products in-house in Irvine, CA. U.S.A.  We do not order our products from some unnamed distributor across the sea that is hard to contact when inevitable issues arise. In this way, we are leaps and bounds ahead of other medical device providers, able to offer the best in continuity of care