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ACS Diagnostics Home Enrollment

Providing Care During COVID-19 and Beyond

The At-Home Process

ACS Diagnostics provides an easy process for physicians to order “At-Home” testing. All you have to do is order the at home test through our cloud portal, and let ACS Diagnostics manage the rest! Deliver the best quality of care without leaving the comfort of your home.


Doctor Orders the Test

Physician Enrolls Patient and Orders Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry Test


Home Delivery

ACSD Sends a Device Directly to Patients Home and Our Staff Assists with Patient Hookup


Near-Real-Time Transmission

The CORE 12 Telemetry Device Sends Near-Real-Time Transmissions to a Laboratory


Live Analysis

Our Clinicians Review and Provide Live Analysis of Transmissions



Physicians and Staff can Access all Reports on


Test Completion

Physician or ACSD Laboratory Staff Contacts Patients Upon Test Completion

Request the test – ACS Diagnostics handles the rest

Provide Your Patient a Cardiac Test without Leaving the Comfort of their Home

ACS Diagnostics has shown again and again that we can meet our ever-adapting clients needs. When COVID-19 hit, the industry changed, with patients hesitant to visit offices in person. The need for direct to patient service (DTP) became essential. This was a challenge that ACS Diagnostics rose to meet, implementing new At-Home services. It is our desire that Doctors can continue to deliver high quality of care to their patients, regardless of the circumstances.

The At-Home service provided by ACS Diagnostics allows the physician to deliver ECG Monitoring devices straight to their patient’s homes. The physician only needs to request the test and ACS Diagnostics handles everything else. We package, deliver, and assist patient hookup. Our lab personal is trained to provide At-Home (DTP/DFP) solutions wherever needed. In addition, our products are equipped to comply with all safety regulations implemented across the US. Upon test completion, the patient repackages the device and sends it to ACS Diagnostics. We receive the device and test, and send it to the physician to review.

ACS Diagnostics is the right choice when it comes to patient care. We will overcome every obstacle to ensure that you can deliver the highest quality of care to your patient.


ACS Diagnostics handles packaging and delivery of our devices for At-Home testing. The following paragraph describes the general guidelines for delivery, with some factors subject to change. 

Pick-ups and delivery requests in most metro areas currently require a lead time of 24-48 hours. For remote locations, the lead time increases to 48-72-hours.

Shipping delays do not affect cardiac report generation, only the return times of the monitoring devices. Please feel free to contact your ACSD representative to discuss adding At-Home services to your list of telemedicine patient services or if you have any questions.


Shipment of At-Home delivery devices may require additional time and pricing based on the implementation of these services in your local area.  As discussed with your ACS Diagnostics contact, Force Majeure clauses are part of all of our services until the pandemic passes.