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ACS Diagnostics' ROI Model

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Embracing Telehealth

  In a Post-Pandemic World

ACSD Revenue Model for Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

CMS has released new CPT Codes that have changed the way physicians can bill back. ACS Diagnostics embraces these codes as a way to assist you with reimbursements.

Table reimbursements are calculated at 20 tests per month.
Holter Monitoring Patch Reimbursements ACSD Reimbursements
93224 Holter Global Code
Not Nationally Reimbursed
93225 Hook Up Only
Not Nationally Reimbursed
93226 Technical Fee
Not Nationally Reimbursed
93227 Physician Interpretation
Net Gain per Month

A Benefit to Patient and Doctor

Telehealth a wave of the future, but also offers financial benefit. With ACS Diagnostics, we assist you in providing quality of care, while maximizing the government’s reimbursement assistance. 

Your ROI with ACS Diagnostics

Check out how ACS Diagnostics can work for you. Financial revenue is based off of yearly quarters, with 20 tests a month.