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Help Your Patients Enjoy Life Again!

External Counter-Pulsation Therapy (ECP) has helped people throughout the world regain their quality of life. It has given new hope to many of those suffering from heart disease. Since the SARS-CoV-2 has been described as a virus that impairs blood vessel pathways, it is understandable that ECP may contribute to the management of the related post-COVID symptoms.
The anecdotal results of multi-day ECP therapy have been promising, and may offer hope to patients that are subject to these symptoms. After completion of ECP therapy, many people return to an active and fulfilling lifestyle. To find out about our ECP Machines for sale, get an ECP bed, or find out how ECP Therapy can help your patients, click the link below.

Safe, Easy & Effective

ECP is safe, easy, and effective. The therapy consists of 35 daily treatments. Each treatment lasts for one hour per day. ECP therapy is administered on an outpatient basis and requires no hospitalization.

Surgery Alternative

If you have had or are not a good candidate for bypass surgery or angioplasty. If medication does not provide angina relief, ECP can be a positive alternative to surgical procedures.

Physician Recommended

Physicians throughout the United States recommend ECP therapy. Consult with your cardiologist or referring physician to determine if ECP Therapy is an appropriate procedure for you.

The NCP Plus

External Counter-pulsation (ECP) Therapy Bed

The NCP-Plus features an improved treatment platform and console design. External Counter-Pulsation (ECP) therapy is a clinically proven treatment that helps restore quality of life in many cardiac patients. ECP therapy is a non-invasive treatment for advanced coronary disease and heart failure.

*Refurbished Inventory Only

NCP Plus Features


Retractable Hoses and Removable Cushion

The retractable hoses and removable cut-out cushion allow for a quick conversion to a multi-purpose exam or echocardiography table. This is a great solution for space conservation and keeps your exam room active when not providing therapy


Paper Roll

A newly added paper roll at the head of the bed makes maintenance between patients quick and easy. Keep your instrumentation and the environment clean. Save paper pillowcases or detergent from multiple washes.


ECP Software

The NCP-Plus includes the latest advancement in ECP software. This intuitive software is easy to navigate. This comprehensive software program eliminates the need for paper charts with electronic capabilities and integration. Track, trend, and verify patient outcomes with the new NCP-Plus. *Features Windows 10 OS System for HIPAA Compliance


NCP-Plus Console

The NCP-Plus console has a technician friendly design. ACS provides color coded buttons for a quick and simple start-up up. The red emergency switches are conveniently located on either side of the console. Use this mobile and compact console to have patients up and pumping within minutes.


Adjustable Head of Bed Control

The NCP-Plus provides an adjustable head-of-bed control. This allows operators to adjust platform levels for patient comfort. This is a significant step for the treatment of Congestive Heart Failure patients.


Aluminum Bed Base

The aluminum constructed bed base provides better noise insulation and improved heat control, helping to ensuring a comfortable environment for your patients.

ECP Therapy Patient Testimonials

What is ECP?

Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, MD

Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, MD has been using ECP for 20 years in his office. In this video Dr. Jamnadas describes ECP and the benefits he has found in his practice. ECP therapy benefits your patience by creating collateral blood flow. This is a natural way to grow new blood vessels in the coronary arteries. Dr. Jamnadas has seen 90% of his patients have positive results by using ECP. Find out more about the benefits of ECP and how you can start to benefit your patients today!