ACS Diagnostics

About the ACS Diagnostics' Laboratory

CMS Approved IDTF

ACS Diagnostics, Inc. is a CMS-Approved IDTF specializing in ambulatory cardiac testing. Our services are designed to comply with all IDTF Performance Standards and CMS guidelines for out-patient cardiac testing.

What is IDTF?

Medicare outpatient monitoring services are provided by ACS Diagnostics, Inc. (ACSD) when prescribed by your physician. An IDTF is a CMS-approved provider that is independent of institutes, physicians’ offices, hospitals, and Individual Diagnostic Testing Facilities. An Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility is an official provider of Medicare services which operates independently. It does not have any association with any hospital or physician’s office. The prescribing physician maintains general supervision during the testing period which are required by Medicare policy. IDTFs serves various testing and diagnostic functions which include 24-hour cardiac monitoring testing, etc.

CMS approval is extremely crucial for an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility to operate. Some performance standards are also set to make sure that the IDTFs operate in the manner that is up to the requirements of Medicare services.

IDTFs are immensely helpful particularly for overnight testing for the purpose of facilitating with screening, patient instruction, diagnosis, and observation of patients who are doubted to have a disease or health problem. For this reason, IDTFs operate under the approval of CMS and provide services in accordance with policy.