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The Secret is Out

What Patch Companies Don’t Want You to Know

2021 CPT Code Release affects the way Patches are reimbursed. Call (949) 900-6643 to speak to an ACS Diagnostics’ Representative today for more information. 

Using a Patch Company

Revenue and Re-imbursement Breakdown

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Using ACS Diagnostics

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ACS Diagnostics ensures that both the quality of care and financial benefit are kept in your control. We know that you, the physician, are the best decision maker when it comes to patient health. 

Uncovering the Truth About Patches

Incomplete ECG

The patch provides only a partial view of your patient’s ECG.

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Little Reimbursement

The patch offers little reimbursement for the physician.

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Skin Irritation

The patient must wear the patch without disruption, for 3-14 days.

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Partial Results

The results are only glimpses of the waveform and the ECG surrounding it.

Little Reimbursement and Incomplete ECG

The patch has gained popularity in that it seems easier to use, for both the patient and the physician. The patient gets sent out the door with the patch and the monitoring is done discreetly. But there are a few things the patch companies don’t want you to know. The first is that the patch provides only a partial view of your patient’s ECG. It would be as if you looked out the window through partially closed blinds. The picture is incomplete. Along with limited ECG, the reimbursement is equally limited. The majority of the reimbursement is kept by the patch company.

Skin Irritation and Partial Results

Adding to the issues of the patch, results are not received for a long time after the test is started (>30 days). The patient goes out with the patch attached to their skin, unable to move it for 3-14 days. If the patch is irritating the skin, the patient cannot do anything about it. The device has to be attached, or the test will be disrupted and restarted. When the patient returns, the patch is sent off to be read, a process that can take up to 30 days. Upon completion, the results sent back to the physician are only glimpses of the waveform and very little surrounding ECG. 

The patch is marketed as an easy, patient-compliant device, but the truth is that not only is the test flawed, it is also more costly than its counterpart… a traditional Holter.

Holter monitor with Leads

The CORE Clip Holter Monitor

By ACS Diagnostics

ACS Diagnostics understands both sides of the physician’s needs. Quality patient care is always first and foremost on our minds. Our CORE Clip Holter Monitor is designed to capture quality ECG; providing rapid results for your patient. We enable you to record an arrhythmia quickly and efficiently with a small device that attaches discreetly to your patient. But we don’t stop at high quality ECG and rapid results. Our CORE Clip Holter Monitor is reusable, allowing the physician to be the recipient of the full reimbursement.

Benefiting Both Patient and Physician

High Patient Comfort

Not only is the ACSD Holter Monitor loved by physicians, it is loved by patients too. The small device can be discreetly attached, with two leads that can be moved around the chest without the test restarting. The CORE Clip Holter Monitor can turn over results in 24/48 hours, enabling the physician to catch arrhythmias within a day or 2 of issuing the test. Upon the test end, the physician has access to full disclosure, the entire report, and all the recorded waveforms. 

Long Term Tests (Mobile Cardiac Telemetry)

Any test that goes beyond 72 hours should not be done on a post-analysis device. A long-term test should be done using a real-time MCT Monitor, one that can deliver near-real-time results to a lab so that nothing is missed. ACS Diagnostics has created the CORE12 Monitor, a true Mobile Cardiac Telemedicine device that transmits near-real-time ECG to a Lab for clinical review 24/7/365. 

“Patches belong on pirates not on patients.” – Chris Kane, President of ACS Diagnostics