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Remote Patient Monitoring

We offer RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring). Today’s new generation of remote ECG monitoring technologies now enables 24/7 data recording. Some systems also enable near-real-time, wireless data analysis, which offers advantages over the old process of reviewing recorded data after a patient turns in a device.

If your patient is symptomatic, why wait to see results?

Order a RPM device directly through the laboratory and authorize a test.  Results will be posted in real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When you set up a test for your patient, you send them out the door being monitored in real time. The CORE 12 monitor records and transmits every beat in near real-time directly to our lab, where certified technicians see every beat. If an arrhythmia or irregularity occurs, our technicians call the patient, ensuring they are ok then post the report on-line of the encounter. If there is any further issues, our lab technicians call the doctor, fax reports and if needed, contacts emergency services. Our lab technicians often catch results within the first couple of days, enabling the test to end early and results to be delivered to the doctor.