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ACS Diagnostics Laboratory

The ACS Diagnostics Laboratory Provides Monitoring of Every Second, Every Minute of Every Day

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Continual Lab Analysis

Every near-live beat transmitted to a lab is monitored by certified lab technicians.

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Near-Real-Time ECG Monitoring

Order a device and authorize a test directly through the laboratory.

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Full Disclosure

Every patient's heart beat of every day can be viewed through our full-disclosure option.

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Cardiac Research

ACS Diagnostics partners with research labs to provide high quality ECG monitoring.

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ACS Diagnostics, Inc. is a CMS Approved IDTF that specializes in at-home cardiac testing.


CORE12 Monitor

Our remote ECG monitoring device sends results from your patient directly to our lab.

Our Laboratory Process

It’s as simple as 1 2 3!

ECG Transmissions

The CORE12 Device is designed to send patient ECG transmissions directly to our secured IDTF Laboratory for near-real-time clinical review. 


Real Time Analysis

Our Cardiac Lab Technicians review all patient transmissions. STAT, Daily, and Full Disclosure report generation is available for physician review.

Clinicians Review

Clinicians can access reports and enroll patients via the ACSD Lab portal in the “Customer Portal” tab on


Cardiac Outpatient Real Time ECG Device

ACSD’s Cardiac Outpatient Real-time ECG (“CORE”) device provides patients with an “all-in-one” device that does all four modalities in one single device. The CORE12 device has a built-in cellular module that eliminates the need for gateway devices (cell phone). Two (2) channels of ECG continuously transmit real-time ECG data to a certified IDTF laboratory where all our patients are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ACS Diagnostics is the only out-patient monitoring lab that monitors every beat of every patient, every minute of every day. 

Excelling in Customer Care

ACS Diagnostics cares for the ever changing needs of our customers including, remote monitoring by our 24/7 certified cardiac technicians, from hospital to solo practitioners. ACSD is the solution for all your cardiac monitoring needs. Whether using our monitoring services or your own “in-house” system, ACS Diagnostics provides the hardware and the software to both your practice and directly to your patients.

A Valuable Tool for Research Studies

The CORE 12, in addition to outpatient telemetry, can perform a 12-Lead interpretive EKG, a Holter (1-30 Days), an Event (1-30 Days) and real-time Telemetry Monitoring. The CORE 12 is ideal for research studies. Our CORE 12 EKG mode is the only outpatient 12-lead EKG that has integrated cell phone technology. Today, patients suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19 can be remotely monitored via CORE 12 device, minimizing staff/ patient exposure.

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Partnering with Research Labs

Why CROs Choose ACS Diagnostics for Their Cardiac Research

ACS Diagnostics is a company that is unique within the cardiac industry. We do not depend on out-of-country services, but instead, engineer our own devices and laboratory technology. Any reports we send to you are received and produced in-house.

Protocol, data collection and device information are just a few of the services we can assist you with. Review the following list to get an idea of the services we offer. If any interest you, fill out the form below to let us know!

  • Product Research Selection and Development
  • Software Research and Development
  • Protocol assistance
  • Inclusion/Exclusion advice for real world enrollment solutions
  • Clinical Monitoring, End points, safety evaluations
  • Pharmaceutical outcomes analysis
  • Physician Enrollment Services
  • Preparation of Clinical Study Reports
  • Investigator Brochures
  • Website development / content management
  • Social media management
  • Recruitment strategies that work
  • Medical Monitoring and Safety reporting
  • Site selection advising and training