Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield now covers MCT reimbursement

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield recently announced that they plan to reveal their coverage determination for mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) monitoring. This marks a big step in advancing MCT monitoring to another estimated 50 million patients.

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry monitoring is known to be the most advanced form of ambulatory cardiac monitoring as it automatically detects & transmits patient’s ECG rhythms to an outpatient laboratory in (virtually) real time. This advanced form of outpatient cardiac monitoring represents an opportunity to immediately gather ECG data and review cardiac data without having to order a range of additional forms of cardiac monitoring tests such as 24 hour Holter monitoring, extended long term continuous ECG monitoring or traditional cardiac event monitoring. Mobile cardiac telemetry is exciting for the industry as it represents a legitimate opportunity to control & lower healthcare costs associated with redundant outpatient testing.

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